#46: Titanic and Beyond (with Amanda Pumpkins!)

"In Greek Mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods."  The same can be said about Titanic and other films.  James Cameron's 1997 opus about a revolutionary road is full of, not only delight, but King Théoden as well. 

Out in the North Pacific, an iceberg waits to bring down the cultural elites of the English speaking world. Wow! James Cameron understands Marxism almost as well as he understands the depths of the sea. In other words, according to himself, he's an expert, not to mention the king of the world!

Sean and Matt are toward explosion as well as iceberg but they are "Not alone" - Gandalf. They are joined this ep by longtime fan of General Snobbery, Amanda Pumpkins! Amanda has, time and again, been the only listener and has proven herself a top notch #Snob with her brilliant wit, wonderful social media references, and overall Kierkegaardianisms. What a wonderful addition Amanda is, totally the opposite of that asshole Cal (Zane).

Hey! It's Cameron! King of the World!

Hey! It's Cameron! King of the World!

All aboard! Grab your peasant knapsack, steal Svën's ticket, and avoid all falling smokestacks, this ship is iceberg bound. 

As always, listener, we welcome you to our unique point of view and we ask you to consider, are you a #Snob as well? Amanda Pumpkin's journey to the recording studio is so similar to Jack Dawson's, of the Chippewa Falls Dawsons. So full of adventure and art. And if we are lucky, may we too borrow clothing from Molly (Bates) Brown.

Last call! The horn's a-honking. Press play Picasso, Cameron's got the wheel!

Episode Rundown:

1:30: Getting to know each other, getting Zane on the Brain
12:40: Official Introduction of Amanda Pumpkins
15:40: How Amanda discovered General Snobbery
28:30: Dive into Titanic
48: Barenaked Ladies and Titanic
51:30: What makes someone a "Living Meme"?
1:08: Why is Leo the “King of the World”? 
1:11: Tangent about Batman Forever and Batman and Robin
1:13: Sudden Entry into Tommy Wiseau and The Room
1:20: Titanic, the End of Modernism, Postmodernism, and Metamodernism
1:28: Beyond the Titanic: Into the Realm of Philosophy (Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Thoreau, Emerson, and Nietzsche) and beyond! (Even Alex Jones)
1:44: The Evil Iceberg

#45: Disney, Marvel, and the Seven Faces of John Boyega

In the image you see, John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) has seven faces. Each one is smaller than the one before. This is an image that Matt made, and ever since that moment, it has baffled both of us. It appears boundlessly significant, and yet, time and time again, we are left with the question: what does it mean? 

In today's snob, we delve deeply into these many Boyega faces, contemplating possible meanings ranging a diverse spectrum. We consider the suggestions provided by some of our beloved listeners, such as Amanda Pumpkins' connection to René Magritte's classic painting The Son of Man. What does it mean when the apple becomes a tiny Boyega face? 

In a shocking turn of events, Boyega's many faces ultimately leads us to a new chapter of this snobbing endeavor: the felt responsibility to watch every single film of the Marvel Universe, from beginning to end, and snob about them as we go. For we have grown suspicious of Empire Disney and Darth Marvel, and we must learn more of what mysterious signs they are providing. For perhaps only in so doing may we discover the truth behind the layers of Boyega and glimpse the appearance behind the apple. 

We intend to approach this mission with the concentration and patience of Tibetan monks creating sand mandalas, like those in the video below. We know that this endeavor will challenge us, and perhaps it will damage our psyches to an irreparable degree. But we must continue the search, and we must discover the truth of Boyega. He may be mankind's last hope. 

#44: Armageddon

Your daily life is simple.  It is idealistic.  Your values are strong and your morals are sound.  There is no reason, you think, that you and everything you know should be wiped out in a matter of seconds.  Too fucking bad asshole.  You're going to die!


Here's Bruce Willis (aka Michael Bay) hitting golf balls at liberals

Harry Stamper was just a blue-collar oil driller.  He was smart, damn good at his job, and absolutely hated liberals of every kind.  He had a rag-tag team of strong Duncans and smart Wilsons.  All he wanted in his life was to run his rig, care for his daughter, and push his conservative agenda.  Too fucking bad asshole.  You're going to save the world!

Armageddon is a baffling film.  It is horribly written, way to long, and espouses a stringent form of conservative ideology that exists in the realm of nostalgia-worship.  When an asteroid the "size of Texas" is headed toward your home, you suddenly realize that the ways things used to be seem a lot more appealing than the ways they are going to be.  Catch our drift?  Michael Bay basically said earth represents conservative values and the asteroid represents liberal values.

Sean and Matt attempt to drill to the core of this movie, a movie that has so much that can be said about it that it is almost impossible to say anything at all about it.  A true anomaly of a film.

Michael Baby with his toy

At the core of this film is not a nuclear bomb, it is Michael Bay.  Actually, Michael Bay basically is a nuclear bomb in that both cause destruction and their proliferations are a question of morality.  The Man-child, Michael Bay, becomes a strong point of discussion in this Snob.  As always, Sean and Matt consider his intention, maturity, and whether he has absorbed the person of Jerry Bruckheimer.  (It is quite possible Michael Bay keeps Jerry Bruckheimer in a cage in his Ford Mustang garage, only letting Jerry out occasionally to do movie promotions.  To reference a film with much deeper themes, Jerry Bruckheimer is basically Michael Baby's Manchurian Candidate).

If there is a redeeming light in this particular Snob, it is the brief reference to our personal friend, Jake Busey.  Aside from that, another triumph is when Sean and Matt realize they never have to watch this shit-film (probably scheizefilmische) ever again.  The truth of Being-Toward-Explosion (Sein Zum Explosion (yes, the English and German are the same)), remains O so real! Non-American directors seek to highlight profound questions in their action movies whereas American directors seek to highlight their sweet space suits. 

Strap in, fight your space dimentia, and load your mini gun. We got somethin' big coming up. Zero Barrier!

Fuck you!