#16: Love for Adam Sandler: Why Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore Rule

It's a common misconception that Snobbery is an inherently negative pursuit. Indeed, for amateur "snobs", this way it can become. Yet for those truly committed to the Art of Snobbery, the negativity acts always in service of the joy and delight it brings to be. It is but an illusory negativity, put forth in ongoing effort to open up the shimmering core of a given reality. And after traveling beyond the fourth dimension with Coop in episode XV, our only path forth was to enter the boundless delight of Adam Sandler's early filmography. 

There was a time when Adam Sandler ruled the world. That time may have passed, but we at General Snobbery wish to rekindle the flames the great Jewish comedian once sparked. In his films Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, his greatest contributions to the world of the screen (and thus the reality of our minds), Mr. Sandler offered a degree of delight previously unknown to the universe. While this delight may be as complex as a tesseract in the middle of a black hole, it is undoubtable that much of it comes through the diverse, unpredictable, and hilarious side characters of these films. 

From Otto the hobo caddy to Gary Potter the energy-reading golfer, the clan of O'Doyles to a towering man with a nail in his head, our conversation moves character to character in unabashed adulation for these wonderful people in these wonderful films. We of the Snobbing Pathway choose not to focus on the oft-bemoaned state of Adam Sandler's contemporary career. Rather, we proceed in gratitude that his 90s offerings exist, and, two decades later, they continue to provide such joy and delight in a life so often bogged down in weariness and turmoil.

Adam Sandler, this snob's for you.