#21: Spiritual Gangster

A “gangster” is defined as “a member of a gang of violent criminals.” So what is a “Spiritual Gangster?” On this episode of General Snobbery, we discuss just that. It turns out that “Spiritual Gangster” is a brand of clothing that sells spiritual values that speak to an ever-growing subsect of Western culture. They are interested in taking quotes from ancient sages, printing them in trendy fonts onto tank tops, hoodies, and shirts, and selling that clothing for a whole lot of money. A great business model! 

They also have  quite the Instagram page (@spiritualgangster). We recommend you check it out if you are interested in seeing pictures of aesthetically pleasing white yogis doing postures in exotic locations. Hey, if you scroll through the comments, you might even find one provided by the General himself! 

Come snob with us as we take a tour de force through the capitalist echelons of this company that seeks to fuse ancient wisdom with contemporary culture. Cause hey, who says that snobbery has to be directed at film?  

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Fare thee well, Listener.