#29: Home Alone: The Is-ness of Culkin and Stern (And Trivia!)

Merry Christmas ya filthy Snob. And a happy New episode! If you, sweet listener, understand this reference, then you know the endless bowl full of jelly belly laughs you are about to hear. 

In this Christmas edition, General Snobbery has decreed that Sean and Matt delve deep into the world of Kevin McCallister, Pesci, and Stern. Home Alone is simply a Christmas classic. It has everything: a good story, wonderful music, action, laughs, and Buzz. Few films resonate as deeply in the collective Christmas psyche of the American people. And no movie has more Pesci burns as this one. 

To many, Home Alone is a Christmas tradition, and everyone has a favorite part. What's yours? Perhaps it's Stern's water fetish, maybe it's Uncle Frank's absolute content for innocent children, perhaps it is Pesci's emerging psychopathy, or even the image of Kevin growing on Buzz's ass. We all have favorite scenes that make us laugh and feel the holiday spirit with such strength, we'll think we were just hit in the face with a paint can.



In a special Christmas twist, Sean challenges Matt with Home Alone trivia and thus a tradition is born. We ask you this single piece of trivia, Listener: what podcast should you recommend to all your friends this holiday season? You know the answer, you know it the way Stern knows the feeling of a nail entering his foot. 

Praise be this classic film! And praise be you, Listener! Ho ho ho, let us Snob.




7:10: Sean and Matt share their top three Home Alone moments

55:30: Home Alone trivia begins

The Electrocution of Stern