#67: The Heart of Burning Man


What the hay is Burning Man, eh? Well, we can tell you one thing: it’s certainly not Coachella! In this snob, Matt and Sean break form, talking not about a movie but about a “festival” — that is, this thing called Burning Man. What is it? Is it legit? 2 legit? 2 legit 2 quit? No one would ever say something like that there. It’s pretty darn cool, it turns out, and this episode gets into why.

Sean recently returned from the Burn, his first experience, and Matt, ever the compassionate Buddha man, interviews him in order to get into the heart of “that thing in the desert.” We hope that you will join us on this wild ride, Listener, for we wish to give you a glimpse into this wild pagan ritual, this splendid gathering of naked people. With hope, one day, together we will comprise the General Snobbery tent, and we shall deliver laughs for all the playa to enjoy.