#59: The Last Jedi: Skywalker, Rian Johnson, and the Tit Monster


Hello Listener! We’re so glad to have you around. Have you ever had green milk? Well Luke has. Not long after drinking green milk, Luke blew up. Please don’t blow up. 

Sean and Matt kick it into hyperdrive on this extensive episode that begins in a state of mystery and ends in a state of clarity. That is the miracle that is, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson throws all of Star Wars fandom and Nerdom into a loop(er) with his peculiar take on most people’s favorite myth. And the result is something that peers deep at the dark nature of humanity. 

Don’t be fooled by the bizarreness of TLJ, it has stuff to say. There are touching relationships, self-knowledge, and much less Boyega. Perhaps that is the film’s strength. 

Rey is learning to be a Jedi from Luke, a man who is definitely not her father. Leia flies through space. Po is a douche. Finn is pointless. Dern kicks ass. Kylo wants to wear a mask. Despite these formulaic elements, TLJ speaks broadly about the rise of fascism and charlatans in our society. 

Join us on our Millennium Falcon, brush the dirt from your shoulder, and scream like Chewbacca’s stupid puffin, cuz the shit is about to get totes rizzeal.