#12: Strength in Awareness: What Meditation Is, Why It Matters, and its Connection to Exercise and Weightlifting

Today, I had the great pleasure of chatting with my close friend Laura Castonguay, MFA, about some pretty interesting stuff. Unsure where the conversation would go, we sat in silent meditation before recording, allowing our minds to settle. Lo and behold, the conversation ended up developing about meditation itself and what it means for both of our lives. While Laura and I have different approaches to meditation - mine tends to be seated, Laura's tends to be active and physical - each of us experiences it as a way to connect more to our bodies on this earth, where we are right now. 

We hope that this conversation fills you with a deep sense of peace, Listener, and we hope that it encourages you to recognize your own meditative potential. For through our meditation, the bounty of the universe unfolds, and with that bounty comes the limitless delight of eternal Snobbery. 

Enjoy this Haiku, Listener: