#17: Snowden Corrupted Our Data

In 2013, Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) revealed that we Amurricans are being tracked by our government. Thanks to the subtle encouragement of his mentor, Nicolas Cage, Snowden utilized established journalists to broadcast the terrifying messages at a large scale. Now, Snowden's father, Oliver Stone, has taken it into his hands to make the message more known than ever before. 

We at General Snobbery decided to see this new film, and in the wake of our viewing, we recorded our longest episode yet. The episode was filled with much Snobbery as well as many super serious reflections regarding the role of privacy in our contemporary era. 

But all was not right. Our Google Hangouts connection was disrupted multiple times, something that had never happened before. We sensed we were being tracked. Our One Listener, we intuited, was an agent at the NSA. And it turns out this NSA One Listener did not like our Snobbery, for that agent hacked into our files and destroyed our data. Our Snowden episode has been "disappeared", never to be reclaimed again.

We tentatively post this episode, Listener, in which we recount the frightening details of the first governmental hacking of General Snobbery. Chances are this episode will be corrupted as well, so listen as soon as you possibly can. If you never hear from us again, you know who is responsible.