#60: Rick and Morty: Mr. Poopybutthole and Fascist Assholes

Good snobs! How delighted we are to bring you this new episode on the hit TV show, Rick and Morty. Specifically, we focus on Episode 204, "Total Rickall", which Matt and Sean believe is one of the greatest episodes of television of all time. The reason? Partly because of "Pencil-vester". Partly due to Mr. Beauregard ("Marmelade is seeeerved"). But credit shall be given where credit is due: this episode has come to be in thanks to our beloved Mr. Poopybutthole, one of the greatest TV characters of all time. 

While on the surface "Total Rickall" appears to be about an alien parasite that creates false memories in people in order to spread and take over the planet, Matt and Sean's hermeneutic reads between these lines. What might this infectious parasite be an allegory for? Fascism, no doubt! 

Join us for this rip-roaring interdimensional journey through the land of a cartoon sure to live on in infamy. And if you haven't seen this episode of Rick and Morty, please stop all you are doing and watch it right now. Praise Be, Mr. Poopybutthole.