#34: Mr. Roland Emmerich, Hear Our Plea!

Dear Mr. Roland Emmerich, 

Mr. Roland Emmerich, the Master of Visions, Contemplating the Cosmos

Mr. Roland Emmerich, the Master of Visions, Contemplating the Cosmos

Good day to you! We send you great joy and light from General Snobbery Podcast! 

As you know, we are great fans of your work. In fact, we have made it quite plain to our listeners that Independence Day: Resurgence is the definitive film of our podcast. Thus, we recorded this episode for you, Mr. Emmerich, that we might bring a shred of joy to your life in repayment for all the joy you have brought ours. 

We are well aware of your busyness, and we are most grateful for your continual creativity (and for your gifts!). Yet should you find a few spare moments whilst driving, flying, or perhaps lounging in the ole tub after a long and productive day, we sure hope you pop on this episode that we have recorded for you. While our pronunciation of the German words in our introduction may be flawed, know that we attempted these words in an effort to show our love and appreciation for all you do. 

We need not say more here, but know that in this episode, there lies a proposition. We hope that you consider it. Should you find joy and/or delight at the thought of entertaining this proposition, you know how to contact us. 

Thank you, Mr. Emmerich, for all that you have brought us and the world. Regardless of your response, know that we have great respect for you and eagerly anticipate what future projects you will bring to be. 

With love, joy, and gratitude,

Matt and Sean
General Snobbery Podcast


Roland E. it’s G. Snobbery
Coming at you from dimensions only YOU can see
With your warlord visions and your creativity
Giving people images of universal majesty 

Our torschlusspanik has arisen in our dreams
That if we don’t act soon, opportunity will leave
So we beseech of you on humble bended knee
You might listen to this episode recorded for thee

We await in space of gemütlichkeit
and invite you to join us in our seeking of the light
that the fight for understanding and an openness of mind
May possess and progress all of humankind 

For your fingerspitzengefühl inspires
Makes our luftschloss feel as real as our desires
So Master Emmerich hear now our plea
To unite with the forces of Eternal Snobbery! 


Torschlusspanik - fear that time is running out to achieve life goals
Luftschloss - unrealistic desire, like airy castle
Gemütlichkeit - space of warmth and friendliness
Fingerspitzengefuhl - empathy with things and people