#57: The Santa Clause/Jingle All The Way

Whether it's rediscovering the beauty of childish mystery or buying into the paradigm that salvation is through material possessions alone, one thing is for sure, 90s fathers really suck at Christmas!

In today's special, two-film Snob, Sean and Matt enlist the help of a third Snob, a Snob ye astute listener know!  Amanda Pumpkins is back, and what a treat it is for her to join us once again!  With two hyperactive movies on the horizon, Amanda's grounded perspective helped keep this Snobbersation from flying higher than Old Arnold dressed as Turtle Man!

The movies of the day are Jingle All the Way - starring Arnold and Darth - and The Santa Clause - starring Timothy A, and Judge R.  Both movies have kids with dreams, both movies have fathers who just can't quite get their shit together, and one movie has Phil Hartman as the neighborhood player.

Just what exactly are these two movies trying to say about fatherhood in the age of materialism?  How do these near tragedies reflect the blinding optimism of the 90s?  Is Tim Allen really a huge Donald Trump fan?  Apparently, the answer is yes.  AAAAHHHHOOOOOOO (Tim Allen sound).

These questions and more are explored and many laughs are had!  What a joyous Snob this is and what a Christmas miracle to be joined by Amanda Pumpkins.  We wish you, only listener, many sweet Snobs and may all your materialistic dreams come true because, according to the 90s, that's where happiness lies.  Unless you're Tim Allen who is delusional not only in The Santa Clause, but in real life as well.

Merry Snobmas!