#58: Forrest Gump


Sean and Matt discovered something of the highest form of Snob during this one. A new mission! It is time to write Forrest Gump Fan Fiction. 

Gump is a wonderful Hanks film directed by Bob, Steve’s friend. It covers thousands of years of world history, revealing that Forrest is the most important person in the world. 

Sean and Matt are a bit baffled by this movie. They particularly wonder, why was it made? It is universally loved, well-made, and incredibly iconic. Yet, its purpose seems a mystery. Perhaps, it was all about Sinise. 

Well listener, open up your box of chocolates, grab your paddle, and lace up those sneakers, something is about to bite you!

The General is ready to take you on a ride through history, filled with many, many Hanx yells!