#61: The Waterboy: Adam Sandler Tackles Colonel Sanders


“Something wrong with his medulla oblongata!” yells Colonel Sanders at Bobby Boucher. Rage fills the innocent Waterboy, and he crushes the fear-stricken Colonel with no restraint. After this, Colonel Sanders respects Boucher and eventually becomes one of his biggest fans. Then he is trampled by a celebrating crowd. This is one of the reasons Colonel Sanders is the best of all side characters in The Waterboy.

But there are many more! Let’s not forget Farmer Fran, who, like Mel Gibson, enjoys twisting his nipples. Then there’s Clint Howard, who is ‘not a handsome man.’ And Captain Insano (The Big Show), who shows no mercy.And of course we get Rob Schneider, who appears at random and repeatedly insists that the Waterboy ‘can do it!'

Does this film hold up, 20 years after its release? How does it stack in the canon of Adam Sandler efforts? Why would two dudes spend an hour talking about it here in 2018? All of these questions and many more are considered in this new schnob, which we know you will enjoy. Get the laugh track ready. Farmer Fran has some wisdom to share.