#68: Darth Maul and Airplane!


This episode is mostly about the movie Airplane! Airplane! is a funny movie. It’s filled with silly jokes, rich parody, and Lloyd Bridges, who is addicted to sniffing glue. We revisit this classic comedy and finds points of richness. Along the way, we discuss the difference between satire and parody, our current PC culture, and Darth Maul. Maul gets the most airtime, apart from the film de jour, and we hope that we can find ways to continue talking about Maul, because he’s significant, and we’re still not sure why. So if you have any insights on Maul, please come to our website, generalsnobbery.com, and let us know your thoughts. Maybe Maul is the hope we need. If not, there’s still Airplane! for some good old-fashioned laugharoos.