#2: Jurassic World: Allegory? Nostalgia-inducing Hollywood machine? Or just a really bad movie?

In the first full-length episode of the new podcast "General Snobbery", your snobbish hosts engage in electric conversation meandering about diverse topics related to the 2015 Colin Trevorrow* film, Jurassic World. Topics considered include Chris Pratt's one-dimensional role, Bryce Dallas Howard's one-dimensional role, the cast of archetypal side characters, Newman's death from Jurassic Park, Samuel L. Jackson's death from Jurassic Park, why Jurassic Park is so much better than Jurassic World, Hollywood's money-making machine--all in an effort to answer the question: What is Jurassic World trying to do? 

The world may never know. 

Many thanks to Aevart Van Jook for our theme song. May our snobs be with you, dear listener (if you exist).

*Who, in direct contradiction to your snobbish hosts' misinformation, is not actually bald.