#28: #NotMyMummy: Fraser Rules, Cruise Drools

The title just about says it all on this one. Hashtag "Not My Mummy" (#NotMyMummy) began in the wake of the trailer for the new The Mummy, starring one Thomas "Tom" Cruise of Scientology, couch-jumping fame. Needless to say, some fans were not too pleased. But in truth, their anger had much less to do with any personal qualms with Mr. Cruise, and far more to do with the tragic fact that the great Brendan Fraser will not be returning in this upcoming film. 

Imhotep is mad that Fraser won't be returning

Imhotep is mad that Fraser won't be returning

Had any of us truly recognized what impact Fraser had had on our lives? Or was it not until the moment that we saw the guy from Vanilla Sky in the trailer for a Mummy film that we realized just how impactful Fraser has been? Say all you want about his Golden Globes clap (video below) - the guy can kick some major butt. Rick O'Connell will be greatly missed in this new film, and quite likely, your hosts at General Snobbery, amidst their laughter at this inevitably terrible new Mummy, will quite likely feel surges of nostalgia at the distant memory of Fraser taking on a dozen reanimated corpses with a sword. 

We greatly miss Fraser, and we hope that #NotMyMummy will help bring him back. Regardless, we dedicate this episode to him, where, by laughing time and time again at the hilarious scream made by Cruise in the new trailer (video below), we are truly yearning for the simpler times when we could watch Fraser shoot guns at Imhotep's huge mouth. As franchise after franchise sucks Hollywood dry of its once-great energy, dumbing film after film down to silly tropes and rushed release dates, we can at least tip our top hats to a man of the greatest order, who once radiated charisma of a special blend, charisma time has proven to be of the eternal kind. Brendan Fraser, this snob's for you. 

Fraser's legendary Golden Globes clap

The Cruise Scream begins at 1:13