#11: The Craft of Fiction and How to Publish Your Book with Novelist David Spitz

Wallowing in the isolation of the wake of Matt's noble departure for the Appalachian Trail, Sean called out to the great General for guidance on how to carry forth this mighty torch. Indeed, his questions were answered. It became clear that, for the time being, General Snobbery must assume the Interview format, in which the perspectives of the One Listener may be shared. Thus it came to be that for the first episode after Matt's departure, General Snobbery's most dedicated listener graced the show with his presence.

That man is David Spitz, novelist, teacher, and creative-expression extraordinaire. Most recently, Mr. Spitz authored the novel Leopold Murphy Defrocked, the tale of a Catholic priest and the many bizarre and philosophical adventures that arise in the wake of his defrocking, which can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback form. A fantastic read, to say the least. 

Mr. Spitz moved seamlessly into the Art of Snobbery, intimidated not by the flashing red light or the single Samson Meteor Mic into which the two spoke. The conversation traveled into realms yet unbreached, continuing for nearly two hours. While the room environment and recording atmosphere may have yielded an echoed distance to the discourse, still the conversation found way to consider a vast array of topics related to the Craft of Fiction. Carl Jung, J.K. Rowling, and David Foster Wallace animate much of this discussion on the distinctions between "literary" and "genre" fiction, the nature of black comedies, the role of the audience in the novel's craft, and the essentiality of mythology, ultimately coalescing into an in depth discussion of the motives and themes behind each host's novel. 

If you wish to jump to points of interest, One Listener, utilize the guide crafted below. We hope you enjoy this lengthy discussion, and we hope that it aids you in your ongoing earthly journey. Fare thee well.

Play by Play Guide of Episode XI

12:10: The publishing landscape this day and age.
20:15: Distinction between “genre” and “literary” and how the can be fused. 
27:10: The many joys of Harry Potter.
30:30: David’s novel, Leopold Murphy Defrocked, the intentions behind it, and David Foster Wallace.
45:00: "Black comedy", Kafka, and tragedy.
52:20: Is it “worth it” to spend the time necessary to write a novel? 
54:20: Dueling writerly intentions of Sean and David; the Audience and Reader.
1:02:30: Writing as channelling “beyond the self”; Brian Wilson and Carl Jung.
1:06:50: David asks Sean about the book he is writing.
1:12:00: Emerson, Whitman, and Native Americans.
1:16:45: The essentiality of mythology.
1:26:00: Rejection, and David’s experience with the “traditional route” of publishing vs. self-publishing.
1:36:00: Common criticisms of MFA Programs, and Sean’s experience at the one he attended.  
1:45:10: David's parting wisdom for our One Listener.


#3: The Martian Part One: Matt Damon in Space

Matt Damon plays Matt Damon in Ridley Scott's 2015 film The Martian, winner of the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture -- Musical or Comedy. Part musical, part comedy, The Martian dazzled viewers with its orange scenery, its tale of hope and triumph, and its marketing of Matt Damon as the hero of mankind. In this particular iteration of himself, Matt Damon is mistakenly stranded on Mars in what many would consider a nightmare situation. But fear not, global population, for this stranded man is Matt Damon, and this iteration of Damon can farm potatoes in outer space while making jokes about his trustworthy bro, Martinez, and the particularly awful smell of shipmate Johannsen's feces. Tune into Part One of our two-part conversation regarding this landmark comedy/musical, and join us as we snob about Matt Damon's unfathomable and delusional optimism, Matt Damon's perceived intelligence, Matt Damon in general, Ridley Scott's strange and seemingly-diverse oeuvre, science, David Bowie, and, of course, the gradual descent of Hollywood. Stay tuned for Part Two, where the conversation travels lightyears beyond anything Starman Matt Damon has ever seen.

Many thanks to Talwar & Sons, who have kindly sponsored this episode. And our utmost gratitude, as always, to Aevart Van Jook (@aevart_music) for our theme song.

#1: Prologue: Zen and the Art of Snobbery

In the prologue for the new podcast "General Snobbery," your snobbish hosts snob about such topics as Air Force One (1997), Christopher Nolan, Glenn Close's oft-unrecognized contributions to contemporary feminism, that scene in Jurassic Park where Newman dies, and the lost, sacred art of snobbery.