#55: Rudy: Uplifting Propaganda for The University of Notre Dame

Hello Snobs, how are you? Are you sad? Maybe not all of your dreams have come true. Don’t worry, Samwise is here. 

Rudy (1993) is a heartwarming story about The University of Notre Dame, a school so holy that it’s basically God. Aside from Notre Dame, Rudy is about football, middle class America, and having a lot of heart. Rudy (Shawn Ass-Tin) has so much heart.  He has all the heart in fact. #heart. 

Join Rudy as he faces every adversity in life and yet never gives up on his one goal: being the biggest Notre Dame fanboy in the world. 

Baby-Face Favrreau

Baby-Face Favrreau

Along the way, dear Snob, you will meet people like Fortune, a mystical groundskeeper who is wise and kind. You will also meet baby-face Favreau, a dweeb who becomes a pimp in the course of a few scenes. Finally there is Papa Ned Beatty, the famous father of fourteen children. Ned is kind of mean to his son with a lot of heart, but that’s okay, it just makes Rudy have more heart. 

Accented by a soothing soundtrack, Rudy is a feel good movie and perhaps the best Notre Dame commercial ever. 

Strap in Snobs, put your jersey on, and get those grades up. If you had one tenth the heart of Rudy, you’d listen to this podcast!