#46: Titanic and Beyond (with Amanda Pumpkins!)

"In Greek Mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods."  The same can be said about Titanic and other films.  James Cameron's 1997 opus about a revolutionary road is full of, not only delight, but King Théoden as well. 

Out in the North Pacific, an iceberg waits to bring down the cultural elites of the English speaking world. Wow! James Cameron understands Marxism almost as well as he understands the depths of the sea. In other words, according to himself, he's an expert, not to mention the king of the world!

Sean and Matt are toward explosion as well as iceberg but they are "Not alone" - Gandalf. They are joined this ep by longtime fan of General Snobbery, Amanda Pumpkins! Amanda has, time and again, been the only listener and has proven herself a top notch #Snob with her brilliant wit, wonderful social media references, and overall Kierkegaardianisms. What a wonderful addition Amanda is, totally the opposite of that asshole Cal (Zane).

Hey! It's Cameron! King of the World!

Hey! It's Cameron! King of the World!

All aboard! Grab your peasant knapsack, steal Svën's ticket, and avoid all falling smokestacks, this ship is iceberg bound. 

As always, listener, we welcome you to our unique point of view and we ask you to consider, are you a #Snob as well? Amanda Pumpkin's journey to the recording studio is so similar to Jack Dawson's, of the Chippewa Falls Dawsons. So full of adventure and art. And if we are lucky, may we too borrow clothing from Molly (Bates) Brown.

Last call! The horn's a-honking. Press play Picasso, Cameron's got the wheel!

Episode Rundown:

1:30: Getting to know each other, getting Zane on the Brain
12:40: Official Introduction of Amanda Pumpkins
15:40: How Amanda discovered General Snobbery
28:30: Dive into Titanic
48: Barenaked Ladies and Titanic
51:30: What makes someone a "Living Meme"?
1:08: Why is Leo the “King of the World”? 
1:11: Tangent about Batman Forever and Batman and Robin
1:13: Sudden Entry into Tommy Wiseau and The Room
1:20: Titanic, the End of Modernism, Postmodernism, and Metamodernism
1:28: Beyond the Titanic: Into the Realm of Philosophy (Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Thoreau, Emerson, and Nietzsche) and beyond! (Even Alex Jones)
1:44: The Evil Iceberg