#35: Remembering the Titan Players

Culture is fraught with factions, unable to come together. We see today, the dismay from a fragmented society and we dream to come together, like a team, and dwell together as True Snobs. What if we could unite our Left Side to our Strong Side?

This is what it looked like when racism ended. 

This is what it looked like when racism ended. 

Do you Remember the Titans? Sean and Matt do. A paramount film from the year 2000. A bold biographic about a team that overcomes adversity and racism, all in one scene. Won't you join Sean and Matt as they discover the major theme of the movie, racism is bad.

Set in 1971, RTT, follows a football team during their first year of racial integration. A team whose success depends on their ability to dispel their culturally indoctrinated values of racial segregation. Can they do it? It's a Disney movie, so yes!

And Coach Boone (Denzel) is the one to do it. With his high performance expectations and moral fortitude, Coach Boone must break these boys of the yoke of hate they bear. With remarkable ability, he does it! Except for a hard-browed racist named Ray. Ray is mean and remains a racist. But Gerry (pronounced Gary) Bertier is a good boy and kicks the racist Ray off the team. 

They also remember coach Yoast, a man whose name is screamed several times, and whose name rhymes with toast. Wow! Coach Yoast is selfless and does what he needs for his team to survive, including replacing Alan (Gosling) with Petey (Scrubs). 

RTT will teach you so many things, including the fact that racism is bad and winning football games is good.

An angry dad screams, "Yoast!"

Always, Sean and Matt seek to show you how a Snob enjoys every character from every film, including those who are predictable and those who are racist. Characters make films and if #you wish to be a Snob, well won't you Snob with us!