#33: Jaws: Dreyfuss, Quint, and Trivia

That classic Dreyfuss smile

That classic Dreyfuss smile

General Snobbery is a big fan of Steven Spielberg's 1975 film Jaws for many reasons. Predominant among these reasons is Richard Dreyfuss. We love Dreyfuss. Maybe it's that smile. Maybe it's that sardonic wit. Whatever it is, we can't get enough of him, and boy oh boy do we enjoy talking about him. 

But fear not, ye Dreyfuss dissenters. In this lengthy snob, we discuss many Jaws-related items outside of Dreyfuss' eternal realm. Quint, Brody, and Bruce the Shark grant much in the way of conversation thanks to their boisterous personalities and, in the case of the latter, insatiable appetite for human flesh. 

We are most pleased this film exists, and we are thrilled that after over forty years, it still entertains to high degrees. We hope you enjoy this conversation, listener, and we hope you enjoy the Jaws trivia we toss at each other in the latter half of this episode. One of our microphones may have malfunctioned during the recording, but we hope the snobbing transcends any issues of sound and greets your heart with the special kind of delight embodied in that award-winning Dreyfuss smile. Climb aboard the Orca, lift your anchors, and come sail these snobbing seas! 

Episode Progression:
0-9:00: Update on our absence
9:00: Conversation re: Jaws begins with Quint
13:00: General Snobbery finally discussed Dreyfuss
42:00: Trivia Begins
1:10: Our revisit of our favorite hermeneutic of Jaws we have ever discovered

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