#32: The Big Lebowski

There is the occasional movie that earns the adage, "ever ancient, ever new."  The great Coen Brothers opus, The Big Lebowski, is one of these movies indeed.  Few movies are as quotable as this one, with its many F words, its right-winged Walter rants, and the wonderful voice serenades of Sam Elliot (and his mustache). 

In short, Lebowski is a True Snob's dream.  It is a complex machine that moves with absolute ease and enjoyment.  Sort of the cinematic equivalent of a Segway, only way cooler.  On the surface, The Big Lebowski is a film about a kidnapping.  Only, that is simply the surface.  Through the medium of brilliantly conceived - and always enjoyable - characters, the Coen Brothers take us into a world of philosophical universals, engaging cultural mentalities and evoking contemplations on time.

Liam (J. Hoosier), ever faithful to The Jesus

Liam (J. Hoosier), ever faithful to The Jesus

This episode marks the beginning of General Snobbery's new interview campaign.  While the main characters are a delight, even the smallest of characters tells a whole story in this film.  Sean and Matt have been fans of Liam for years.  Who is Liam?  He is Jesus' bowling sidekick, his apparent minion who follows and defends Jesus with absolute loyalty.  Liam, that is to say, James Hoosier, we seek your wisdom.  Help us understand this movie!  For while it is great, The Big Lebowski is a film about which words ultimately fall flat.  It can never be exhausted.

And so how can one know this film?  First, press the play button, Listener.  Let Sean and Matt help you a little.  And after you have done that, evoke the spirit of Ancient Israel, a spirit that embraces mystery in time and space.  For "generations come and go, but The Dude abides" (Ecclesiastes 1:4).