#51: Jurassic Park, Hooray!


Back in the summer of 2015, as Matt and Sean traveled through Cincinnati on an unconscious vision quest, they were greeted with an image: the image of Newman, dying in Jurassic Park. As they recounted this image in detail, they found that the laughter erupting between them was as infinite as is John Hammond's inability to face reality. Next thing they knew, they poured some whiskey beneath the starry sky, and took the fateful step all podcasters must take, hitting the "Record" button on the iPhone. In that moment, General Snobbery came to be. 

In today's episode, Matt and Sean come together in Chicago to reminisce about the importance of Jurassic Park to their lives. Though they are not sure why, they are certain it is the only film that could ever have brought this podcast to be, for amidst its many, many flaws, Jurassic Park is an undoubtedly perfect film. Amidst the Chicago reminiscing, you, dear listener, will hear samples from that original recording, so long ago, as the snobbery unfolded with the crickets of night and spanned through the Dasein of Dr. Grant, Laura Dern, and Mr. Arnold's Arm. Though the sound quality may be lacking, Sean and Matt hope you feel the freedom of authenticity unfolding in this preliminary moment of General Snobbery.