#50: Dunkirk: Before and After

From the director of Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and some other movies about time, comes a war movie with enough noises to blow your ears off. Dear listener, we hope you will see Dunkirk, and when you are done(kirk), we hope you will listen to this episode. 

Dunkirk is a movie about noise, not people. Well yes, there are people, almost 400,000 in fact. But the real story of this movie is how British people are very British and how loud sounds can make healthy people have strokes and heart attacks. 

Sean and Matt enter deep into the dream of Chris Nolan in this three part Snob. They ask the question, what was this movie? Please join them along with some of Chris' pals: Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and new friend, Kenneth "Kenny B" Branagh. Not too much can be said about this movie, but so much can be Snobbed!

DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before seeing this film. We feel we have an ethical obligation to say that as the film might make you have a noise induced heart attack.