#41: Team America: The Lost Episode

Long ago, in the early days of General Snobbery, we made extra efforts not to say words that Americans typically regard as "bad". This self-censorship was not always easy, and its breaching resulted in the occasional "bleep". However, at some point, that self-censorship changed, and we began to allow words to flow along with the stream of thought, even if they are bad. 

In these early days, behind the scenes, we recorded an episode on one of our favorite films of all time, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Team America: World Police. We never released it, for it has a high amount of profanity in it. Praise be to our loosening of the rule, for now, we can share this snob with the world! 

Now that the thrust of General Snobbery involves the deconstruction of the American action film, it makes more sense than ever to release an episode on a movie that annihilates nearly every trope that have become standards for these action movies. It's a quick one, but it is filled with much delight. We hope this delight travels from our mics straight to your soul, listener. We love you. Fuck yeah!