#43: Rogue One: Queer Theory and the Rise of Darth Boyega

Welcome Snobs!  Are you one with the Force?  Is the Force with you?  Speaking of the Force, are your midichlorians high?  Are they through the roof?  Are you a potential Darth?  If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you MUST listen to this Snob.

Chirrut, who might be gay. 

Chirrut, who might be gay. 

Rogue One is a movie about a space ship. But that's not all! It's also about an orphan girl who dies, her friend (with whom you think she might have a romantic connection) who dies, a guy named Saw, and a blind man who dies. Sorry Listener, we have spoiled the film! But alas, if you listen to this episode, you shall discover more than you ever could!

Sean and Matt are joined by friend and fellow Snob, Adam. Adam is a librarian and brings to the Snobbing table a sense of the value of information and textual interpretation. He also brings his knowledge about Queer interpretation of characters in Star Wars, which takes our Snobs on an intellectual endeavor stronger than the Force. Finally, Adam brings a general dislike of John Boyega.

Taking place just before Episode 4, Rogue One is a movie about Saw. Just kidding, it's about the Death Star, a really big ball that can blow up cities, even planests, even robot men named Saw. 

Jyn (Martini) Erso and her band of misfits and Force Fanboys must discover and transmit secret plans about the Death Ball to the Rebel Alliance so that the evil Darth Jake Lloyd can later be defeated.

Darth Boyega

Darth Boyega

Join these three Snobs as they appreciate aspects of Rogue One, including that the main characters died, that Forrest Whittaker's name is Saw, and that the blind Force Fanboy is likely gay.

From the looks of it, there can never be a Rogue Two.  It is a plot impossibility.  But as we have learned, nothing is impossible with Disney, especially when hundreds of millions of dollars serve as motivation.



1: Intro of our guest

3:30: Rogue One

45: Gay Chirrut 

49:30 : John Boyega/Finn/Poe

1:05: CGI Tarkin

1:23: Darth Plageius , and Reddit “Place”

1:30: The elaborate hoax of Boyega and the unspoken truth of Darth Maul 

1:32: Star Wars as a Christian allegory

1:45: Final thoughts on Boyega and his potential gayness

1:48: Darth Vader’s BDSM 

1:53: Is Disney the evil Empire?